Supply of Materials

In the area of materials supply, we do supply materials to any of our clients that is in need of them and makes a request by a Purchase Order (LPO). Terms and conditions of any request is that before we can deliver any materials to any of our clients, fifty percent (50%) of the total amount of purchase order must be paid in cash or by bank transaction, and the remaining fifty percent (50%) shall be paid immediately after delivering the materials requested.


1. We supply Stucco paints, full decorative paints and any types of emulsion, gloss, satin paints and others from overseas and from Africa. We also provide perfect Stucco men and painters.

2. As builders we must be equipped, so we also supply water, sand, cements, blocks, granite, irons and iron benders, bricklayers and masons.

3. We supply sanitation materials.

4. Electrical materials and electricians.

5. Carpentry materials and carpenters.

6. Tiles with perfect tilers.

7. Roofing materials and perfect workers.

However we will suggest to you to handover your building project to us and we promise you to raise its foundation and raise it up to completed and perfect finishing.

Yes, we accomplish our jobs with our new technology, engineering and architectural techniques and yes surely in God we trust.