Construction and Building Technology

Prince Edem Jojo Enterprises is an Enterprise in the aspect of building technology and architecture. As young technicians, architects and engineers, we dare to break the barrier of old technology in construction in order to establish the new technology, architecture and ingenuity in construction and building development of our days. The world nowadays has reached new development and evolution of technology in every sector in our society.

The journey was not easy but little by little it has finally become tangible reality.

Our enterprise is made up of a team of workers. We build and we decorate perfectly up to the finishing aspect of building projects which you have entrusted and committed unto us.

What is the project you are aspiring to realize? What you need to do is to commit it unto our hands.

You just have to send us the architectural plan of your project. It is for us to study it and send back to you the total amount we need to realize the construction of your project.

After having a proper agreement of with you as our honorable client, the next step is following the terms and conditions of which cover our enterprise, we will request from you the sum of sixty percent (60%) of the total amount of our agreement as the mobilizing fee to enable us to commence your project. After this state, twenty percent (20%) will be requested from you once we have reached seventy-five (75%) of the project. Then the remaining balance which is twenty percent (20%) will be paid after complete finishing of your project to your satisfaction.

Honorable client, we know quietly that the essence of living of every reasonable human being is to make money, but with us, we don't just work for you only because of money, but our foremost and first target and focus is to satisfy your full dream and desire for your project which you have committed unto us.

Thank you for your co-operation and patronage.


Painting in General

Painting is an infinity technology in the world. The possible treatments for a particular façade vary, depending largely on the type of construction, condition and geographical location.

To find the ideal product for each case and the most suitable solution for every need or problem, we stock a complete line of products with diverse properties, performance and qualities.

These products are grouped in working systems, with accessories and specific preparations that ensure the best results.

Although it is true that most products are suitable in most cases, choosing the correct painting system and adapting to the unique characteristics of the building are the key success factors.

Modern Buildings

With cement mortars and steel reinforced concrete structures, the important factor is protection against the effects of carbonatation and humidity.

The combination of these agents causes the reinforcing bars to rust, followed by deterioration and the loss of resistance.

Protection is especially necessary in very humid or especially harsh climates; in coastal areas, for instance.


System for façades

A façade system is the application of a series of products which complement one another, in order to obtain the best results in each kind of treatment or application.

Every façade has unique characteristics that may require a very different approach compared to similar façades.

Usually a façade painting system basically consists of a primer or base preparation and a finish.

Sometimes you can do without the primer, and sometimes you will need a complementary treatment, such as anti-mould treatment, specific cleaners, etc.

Characteristics of painting systems

The properties of each system refer to their performance under standard conditions, on healthy, clean and dry surfaces and with the recommend yield.

Mediums already painted effect the final results of the application, especially in terms of adhesion and transpiration. Some types of application may even be incompatible with the system used previously.

As a general rule, on previously painted surfaces in good condition it is advisable to continue using the same type of treatment, or to completely eliminate the previous paint or coating if you require another kind of performance.

The properties or qualities that you must take into account when choosing a painting system for façades are not always the same, or are not always of equal importance.

They depend, basically, on the type of building or construction, the geographical location of the works, the pathologies of the medium, age, previous treatments or requirements imposed, or the prorities and tastes of the project management or the property owners.

Selection criteria

Apart from aesthetic criteria, the choice of the ideal product depends fundamentally on the most suitable anti-carbonatation, transpiration and waterproofing capabilities of each type of building.

a. Carbonatation

This is unwanted and uncontrolled penetration of carbon dioxide (present in the air) in the concrete. Concrete carbonatation affects the durability of reinforcing bars which, due to the decrease in pH, cease to be protected and may be corroded. When a process of corrossion breaks out, useful life may be seriously shortened.


b. Transpiration

This is the capacity of a coating to allow water vapour to be diffused, thus maintaing the water balance of the medium with the atmosphere without loosing its characteristic properties.


c. Impermeability

This is the resistance to water in its liquid state of coatings.


d. Colour intensity

Capacity of the system chosen to achieve maximum highlighting and sharpness in colour.


e. Colour protection and resistance to ageing

Capacity of the system chosen to maintain its properties over time, both as regards product qualities and colour maintenance.

By colour protection we understand the characteristic and assessable quality in every system, the capacity to enhance and maintain the original shade of pigments, as the bonding agents and the number of these used in each product or system have greater or lesser pigment protection and colour highlighting capacity.

Other concepts or qualities also involved in the treatment of façades which have a more specific use and are related, in general, to specific products are:

  • Adhesion

Capacity of adherence to the medium, it often depends more on the state or degradation of the medium than on the product, as, in theory, all systems achieve sufficient adhesion and do not represent a problem in that respect.


  • Crack resistance

This is the filling and absorption capacity of small retraction fissures or very porous surfaces such as concrete blocks and coarse grain agglomerates.


  • Anti-mould

This is the name applied to products with reinforced fungicide action and products designed for use in areas and on surfaces that are especially problematic. Said surfaces are much more prone and susceptible to developing moulds and vendigris due to climate, orientation or condensation of humidity.